Fishing Reports

Seasonal Rundown:

South Louisiana’s coastal marsh and Bays are where Redfish live year around and I have spent a lifetime… Our Redfishing is year around. Yes, even through the Winter, which is known as Big Fish season. The best fishing in Louisiana is during the cooler days of Spring in the months of March, April and May into June then again in the Fall season, beginning in late September into October, November and December. This time of year is considered some of the best Redfishing of the year and people travel from all over the country and some from around the world to enjoy this fantastic fishing experience. 

As Summer approaches and salinity levels rise, Speckled Trout start to move inshore into the interior Bays and Bayous following tides and bait well into the interior of Vermilion Bays Marsh Island. By the end of June when run-off from upper tributaries subside and incoming tides penetrate farther north bringing higher salinity levels, bait and nutrients to upper East and West Cote Blanche Bay and eventually up into the Weeks Bay and Fearman Lake area.

These changes signify the beginning of the Summer season and you begin to see Jack Crevalle crashing Mullet while Ladyfish and Flounder can be found feeding on Glass Minnow pods up and down the lush marsh grass, Oyster reefs, bayous and canals of south Louisiana inshore saltwater marshes. The fishing is hot during the Summer but so is the temperatures and humidity so we fish early and late those times of year.

When Summer weather patterns fade and Fall approaches the best fishing can be found during tidal changes. As the tide falls we fish the shallow water toward the deeper holes in the marshes and further out on the edge of Oyster beds outside Vermilion Bay near the deeper waters of the Gulf. RedfishSpecks, Flounder and Black Drum and my personal favorite, Flounder (which are excellent table fair) show up in the deeper waters and the larger ones can be found around the nearshore oil rigs during the spawn and in Bayous and channel system for the smaller “slot” size fish is very productive.

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